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Pitts Special Photos by Lynne Glazer, Flying by Frank Britten, Rory Moore and Niccolai Murphy

Rolling invertedPitts Special S-1T, VFR on top, San Bernadino MtnsPitts Special S-1T, Down from a loopPitts Special S-1T, Up linePitts Special S-1T, Top of LoopPitts Special S-1T, Down line in a hammer headPitts Special S-1T, LoopPitts Special S-1T, Down from a loopN49351 (Pitts Special) and 53JH (Frank Britten - RV4)Inverted Rory Moore (Pitts Special) S-2C) leadTorque RollPitts Special S-1T Spiralling TowerPItts Specials S-1T and S-2C Side SlipPitts Specials Rory Moore (S-2C) in lead over the top of a loop