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You must be a current member of the Plus One Flyers Club and use the online scheduler to make a reservation.


You must meet the currency and qualification requirements in the Rules section.


Fuel and Oil

When you have completed your flight do not refuel the airplane. Since the useful weight is only 515 pounds some flights, depending on weight of the occupants, will need to be conducted with less than full tanks. Allow the next pilot to make the decision about how much fuel to take on. Request fuel from Gibbs prior to your flight, they will bring a fuel truck to the plane and fill according to your instructions.


Fuel drains. There are four drains; one on each wing, one under the fuselage behind the cabin and one under the cowling.


Ensure that the oil level is at least than 6 quarts. It should usually be around 7 quarts.



Windshield wipes and windshield cleaner are provided to keep the glass clean. Please donít use paper towels on the windshield.


Parking and Towing

Always use the tow bar provided to move the airplane. Donít forget to remove the tow bar prior to flight. A simple rule of not taking your hands off the tow bar while it is on the plane will prevent this from happening. Watch out for the rudder when using the tow bar.


The parking spot is tight and the shelter has bracing rods at the back. Be careful not to run the rudder or yourself into the braces.


Because the parking spot is tight, it is possible to run into the shelter cross braces of airplane, watch you head and look out for trip up situations.



Laminated checklists are left in the airplane for your use. Please leave them behind. If you would like your own copy, you can go to the checklist section and print your own copy. It costs a couple or three bucks to laminate them at print shops.


Flight Manual

There is a copy of the flight manual in the cockpit in the left side pocket between the seats.You can download your own copy from the manuals section. The flight manual contains the weight and balance.



There are three sets of jacks. Do not use the radio jacks on the dashboard. They only work for solo flight and donít provide side tone when you push to talk.



We have a subscription with Jeppesen to keep the GPS data card up to date. If it is out of date, tell us about it and weíll get to it ASAP.



If you are doing aerobatics remove anything that cannot be tied down or comfortably placed in the sealable side pocket and leave it in the locker.This includes the Plus One folder. Check the Rules Section for aerobatic rules. Make sure to check out the G-LOC report.



If there are any squawks please let us know right away.