American Champion Bellanca Decathlon 8KCAB




Citabria & 8KCAB History


SAFETY & Accident Reports






Manuals and Checklist


Aerobatics G-LOC Report



The following check list and flight manual are located in the cabin. They are provided here in PDF downloadable form, so that you can print it out and make your own if you desire. In some cases identical documents are provided in PDF and DOC format.


Hooker harness installation instructions, STC and 337


8KCAB Decathlon Check List - V2 PDF (Adobe Acrobat)


8KCAB Decathlon Preflight Check List PDF


8KCAB Decathlon Flight Manual PDF


The weight and balance are included in the Flight Manual. Note that the useful load for this airplane is 515 pounds (including fuel). So if you are flying dual it is likely that you cannot fly with full tanks. Check your weight and balance to ensure that you are safe to fly.


8KCAB Decathlon Owner Manual PDF The order of this manual looks odd in PDF but print it out then fold it in half to make a book.


8KCAB Decathlon Service Manual PDF (54 MB)


8KCAB Decathlon Parts Manual PDF (49 MB)


Lycoming 0-320 IO-320 LIO-320 Operation Manual PDF (27 MB)


Lycoming Integral Accessory Case Overhaul Manual 1975 PDF (25 MB)


Lycoming Direct Drive Overhaul Manual 1974 PDF (31 MB)


GX60 GPS/COM Manuals and other information - Takes you to the Garmin website.


Pitts Special S-1T Owner and Maintenance Manual PDF (20MB)


Pitts Special S-1T Flight Manual (includes Weight and Balance) PDF (6MB)


Article by Ken Kochanski about his ASW20 Refinish Project PDF (565KB)